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Products are available to suit most budgets, and fit in with most outdoor spaces. In the middle selections, a little luxury begins to creep in, showing up in detailing and increased functionality. This inflatable is a little more unique, and looks it. The Palm Springs is a not as expensive as others with more under the bonnet. It seats 4 to 6 people in comfort, in a lazy circular formation which is made for relaxing in. You can have the whole thing ready to go in about 10 minutes. Absolutely the choice for entertaining, this soft tub has a lot going on.

The colour and design have the feel of a desert oasis, which is pretty much what this is. A light, sandy colour is repeated both on the outer wall of the tub and the pump housing. This gives the whole assembly the feel of a single watering hole, or oasis in the desert.

The inside of the tub itself is white, which reflects the sun beautifully, even on a dull day. While what is not always practicable for outer coverings, it gives the water a bright, fresh look, which is spot on for the feeling you get from in-spa massaging. Although the circular design makes this a compact outdoor hot tub, this is actually quite deceptive. It will fit six people in comfortably, and four will find it extremely roomy. The exterior is nice and thick as well, giving added comfort for those long soaks.

Combined with the naturalistic colours, this adds to the calmness, which is perfect for spa sessions. There's little argument that this is one of the top 10 best inflatables you can get. Some of the best spas of this size come with far fewer jets than this inflatable. The difference between odd jets and is quite something. In fact, it's half as much again. This gives a boost to the air circulation once it's turned on. This makes the pumping action more efficient in terms of the benefits of massage. Spa's and hot tubs that inflate are starting to come in quite a few shapes and sizes.

Whereas designs used to be quite basic, and the choice quite limited, now both of these things are changing. With more money to spend, you could have a rather splendid outdoor spa. At around average in terms of the affordability, the Hawaii stands out in the crowd. It looks different from other hot tubs, with more space and luxury than other inflatables. Its square shape in particular sets it apart from other, rounded choices. With a deep blue outer skin, this inflatable conceals an impressive set of technological features.

It's I Beam construction gives it strength, which supports its rounded corners as well as the sides. The soft sided material itself is patented Tritech triple layered laminate , which is very strong but also extremely comfortable on the skin. Despite all this technology, it is extremely easy to assemble, and comes with a set-up disc to show you how. You'll soon become an expert, and have it set up in about 10 minutes. This is probably the best square hot tub we found - Source - Bestway.

A square inflatable, which is quite unusual for inflatable outdoor hot tubs. Most are circular in shape, which can make them look, well, inflatable. This model's square design although the corners are rounded makes it look much more substantial. It also has a deep blue outer layer, which adds to the coolness. The shell is extra thick, to support the square structure, and have vertical stitching in them to support the I Beams inside. This gives an extra sense of calm and stability.

The rounded corners make it ideal for resting against. When you're in an inflatable, you want to put your shoulders and arms on top of the side of the pool. This design invites you to do that, and really sit back and relax. For four adults, the configuration is perfect. You can sit facing each other and chat while you get your massage.

The whole design is focused on chilling and calmness. As well as having rounded corners to rest in, the base is nice and soft. It has a cushioned feel about it which some top inflatable hot tubs do not.

With the zillions of air bubbles floating over you, the lovely soft bottom makes you feel lovely and comfy. Choosing an inflatable means making decisions. You want practicality, so you make sure you get a quality massage as you would in a permanent hot tub. You also have a selection of budgets to try and fit in with. This luxurious portable spa comes with some premium features that it's price doesn't warrant. As well as its own lighting, the sturdy circular construction is supported by I Beam technology, to give extra stability.

The shell and lining are made of extremely durable, puncture resistant material. You can use it outside, or you might want to take it into a more private area. The spa will hold up to six people, comes with AirJet bubble technology, and inflates within minutes.

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This inflatable has neon light feature as you can see by the purple glow! While other spas have some form of scene setting, this inflatable takes it to another level. The base of the circular tub is lined with a lighting display which illuminates the water and everything in it; including you! They come in all colours of the rainbow, which can alter a mood rather dramatically.

They are controlled with a remote device, so you don't have to move. You can choose any colour you like, or set the controls to automatic. If you're looking for calm, try the blue. If you're feeling romantic, you might like to try red.

Or just relax, and let them change on their own. While the hot tub will easily seat 4 to 6 people, it is really suited for quiet massages for two. The pinkish colour and smooth lines just invite that kind of vibe. It's just as practical as any other inflatable hot tub, but it looks like it was made for love.

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Whether you choose to be romantic or not, the airjet bubble delivery system help relax you and massage your muscles. It's certainly not a place where you can feel tense for very long. Inflatables can have an air of practicality about them. This is perfectly reasonable, as they are indeed perfectly practical. It's just that they sometimes look a bit, well, functional. We take a look at what makes these two companies the leaders and show you the differences between budgets and quality. We take a look at what the key differences between an airjet and hydrojet hot tubs and how each are unique and should be considered before buying.

If your looking how to order, there are several companies selling a huge selection, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. Ask yourself. Check out the online comments and do your research as although a cheap inflatable spa sounds great you will still want the top quality you can afford.

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This depends on several factors including, size, how often you use it and brand, many options now come with power thermostats the same as your home central heating meaning they switch off when the water reaches the desired temperature. You can save money by placing your Jacuzzi in a sheltered position, insulating the bottom and using the cover. Although an inflatable is a lot lighter than a standard one when full it is still a considerable weight when full; ranging from lbs for some 4-seater options to lbs for larger models and then you need to add the weight of the people so if you are considering placing your hot tub on decking it is essential to make sure it is strong enough to take the weight.

Small inflatables with seats are hard to find, but most have lower sides and a cushioned floor for sitting on. This is because the more components the more can go wrong. You can however purchase seats and booster cushions as accessories which can prove useful if you have children.

Mildew grows in damp and humid environments, so these hot tubs are ideal. It can cause a nasty reaction for those who suffer from allergies, the young and elderly so it is essential to keep yours mould-free. If you do have mould in or on the cover mix a small quantity of bleach with washing detergent and water to clean away or alternatively purchase a specialist mould remover.

Scum in the hot tub is inevitable, it is caused by the build-up from the human body including, body lotion, make-up, perfume and deodorant which is why It is always a good idea to shower before using the Jacuzzi but even then, some scum is unavoidable. The best way to combat this is by shocking every couple of weeks; chlorine shock treatments are available online and will break down any organic matter in the water preventing scum in the hot spa tub. Cleaning, regularly should prevent the build-up of mildew in the hot tub, but most of us will experience it in some form if the machine has not been used for a while or stored over the colder times of the year.

You can try to remove it using a TOUCH of bleach in soapy water or buy one of the specialist products which are available online or in hardware stores.

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This is entirely down to personal preference, the hot tubs come in a range of sizes, styles and portable spa prices. If you are going to be using it occasionally as a couple a small seater should suffice but if you enjoy regular get together's with pals and want the best hot tub you can afford, so it's the highlight of your get together.

Most companies recommend not using these hot tubs in the winter , as the freezing temperatures can cause irreparable damage, there are a few on the market which can be used during the colder seasons and these are called 4 seasons hot tubs.