How long are coupons good for after expiration date

You can use up to 20 store coupons in one transaction as long as you are following the terms of the coupon for example, one coupon per item.


When it comes to manufacturer and competitor coupons, however, make sure to watch those expiration dates. You can keep track of all your coupons in the store's My Offers section. Online and mobile coupons will automatically expire, so those offers will not be available past the expiration date. You can upload paper coupons and use them online under My Offers as well. While the store has a great price matching policy, it will not accept both a store coupon and a price match - only the one that represents the better deal.

Tossing Expired Kohl’s Cash? STOP! It Could Still Be Redeemable(12222)

Manufacturer coupons, however, can be combined with price matching. When it comes to coupons, the rules of the game are pretty clear.

But with just a little gumption, rules like expiration dates, exclusions, and quantity limits can be stretched, or flat out busted, to maximize your savings. With very few exceptions, online and in-store coupons have a clearly printed expiration date on them. Here are a few stores known to accept their own coupons after they have expired.

How To Redeem Expired Kohl’s Cash Online

In many cases, the employee has the authority to override the expiration date, or has a similar non-expired coupon in their drawer they can scan for you. Also, when using expired manufacturer coupons, always try to slip them in when checking out.

follow site In many cases, the manufacturer will include a grace period on the expiration date letting you use it beyond the printed expiration date. The grace period might be a week, or could be as long as a month.

The good news is that many stores may bend the coupon exclusion rules to make you a happy customer. The bottom line: always try and use the coupon anyways and see just how bad the retailer wants your business. The most obvious rule bend is to politely ask the cashier to break up your purchase into two transactions so you can use a separate coupon on each.

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