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I find it funny that random people come out of the woodwork when they see a chance at some free park tickets. If anybody here deserves free park tickets they should be given to the users here who participate on the forums regularly! I became friends with someone who claimed some coupons I offered on here last summer.. Hershey worker i was wondering if you would happen to have two Hershey tickets available?

I am planning on attending Hershey park on July 22nd for my birthday. I have no problem paying you for them. I am sure there is a grocery store in the area that has a coupon or cheaper then the gate price. I guess no one knew about this site? I can't get the link to work, just copy and paste. It gives you discount tickets to just about everywhere. There are plenty of stores in the area and their website will give you the addresses and directions to the stores. You can find store locations through weismarkets. I would love to meet you when I visit late August.

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I am visiting with my best friend and coaster kid Josh! We will try to get there first thing since Gloria was already at the park so we can run to the new coaster! Not asking for anything but a URC hug if we can meet up! I'll let you know what day we are coming! And, most likely be hitting other credits if we can blast through the parks fast enough.

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Hopefully, we'll be able to say hi! You want any goodies from SFMM? Also, I believe that my classes start up at about the time you are arriving in the east, so I would be closer to dorney than to hershey.

what day of the week is the best to go?

I thank you though for the very generous offer of a hug, but because of the two reasons above, I will most likely not be in Hershey at that time. You seemed to be very proud of what you did there. Hope it wasn't due to anything that happened here. I hope you'll have a great school year and that this turns out to be a blessing in disguise for you as hard as it might be right now.

I know how you feel. I was laid off after thirteen years of service due to a hostile take over in the music publishing industry I worked in and it was a true blessing because I was able to finish many things I once started and my grandmother who I was taking care of died shortly after they laid me off and I was able to be with her every night. Now I own my own business, I write for a few magazines freelancing and I'm working on finishing my book!

So welcome to a new adventure with some great background experience from Hershey. We need to meet up!!! I'll be there with Josh and Gloria about that time!! Do you have my email? So far no luck, but I'm not to worried about it. I'll be looking forward to the hug, lol, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Hershey. LOL that post you quoted was in June of last year! I went the Giant Stores discount route in Sept This year, I won't need to. I'm now 55, and HP has the "earliest" senior discount I've ever seen. Last year, I missed it by "that much" Sept 20 birthday. Yes I saw your post above!

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I have SPs to both and don't use either as much as I should, er, could. LOL Mike B. I would love to meet up. Gloria is convinced I'm "Wood Deprived" and need Boulderdash to cure me! You have my email address? Yes, I was typing this at 3am this morning! I think it was onion fumes from the cheese steaks we made for dinner last night!!

I live in Jersey so I hope that helps. I would like to take my two younger brothers and a little sister but it costs so much money for all four of us. I'd really appreciate if you'd let me know for the best solution. I have stopped by a few today and no one had any dorney park coupons Please email me at vlrodriguez optimumu.

So far all of the discounts I've found on the internet are for the 1-day tickets and cost more than that. Check E-bay - we got our tickets there Going next Tues.

Rainy day- no refund or rain check! - Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Just type "Hershey park tickets" in the search field. I have a PDF file with the coupons you can also use them at the gate. If you want them, e-mail me with your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy. I'm not sure that I'd want to trust buying tickets on eBay. I just checked and I didn't read the fine print - it is for the one day pass only. For in-store availability, see product specifications.

Ticket Disclaimer. Click below to begin shopping now. A new window will open linking you to our partner ticket store, where you will find all available tickets for this attraction. You may also visit a AAA Store for additional discounts on select tickets. Shop Now. Click on "complete ticket details" next to each ticket type to view details. Rating: 1. Hersheu Tickets Same problem. Tried to buy Hershey Park tickets and kept saying need to reset password, but never sent the link. For assistance with logging into your AAA. They will be able to get this reset for you.

This seems to happen a lot with these discounts It seems maybe your login information maybe needs to be reset or your membership is not linked properly.

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  • We would be happy to help you in the future. Please give us a call at if you need further assistance. Sincerely, AAA. Rating: 5. Summer Tickets Are the discounted summer tickets good through the whole Summer or do I have to visit by June 30th as it states?

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    If you purchase the regular "summer" ticket, this will be valid for the whole summer season. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to tpmcoordinators aaamidatlantic. FreeParkingFlaw In order to get the free parking, you have to also buy the Hershey Park tickets at a store. I had already bought the tickets online. This is unclear in the ads and I was upset that I wasted my time. I will be reaching out to you directly for further assistance.

    Hershey Park The link to tickets isn't working!! How much are the Discounted AAA tickets? If you need further assistance, please e-mail tpmcoordinators aaamidatlantic. Comment By AAA Hi Wesley, The springtime tickets are now available and the summer season tickets will be available in the next couple of weeks. Rating: 4. Spring Tickets When will the tickets for the spring be available?